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  • prostate massage ?
    If I had a £1 for every time I heard that comment I'd be rich. There’s something about the unknown, the vulnerability and the idea that prostate massage or any type of anal play is something that gay men do, that leaves straight guys more conflicted than a horny nun. ...
  • 150128 - Prostate Guide 2015 - US - V5 - Print ready-1
    If you are male and you don’t know about your prostate, you need to get to know. Not only because it’s a super important part of your body that you need to keep healthy and functioning; because it’s the gateway to the most intense and satisfying orgasms you will ever have! Though I’m ...
  • Cadence G-Spot
    Last year’s porn ban on female ejaculation is the subject for discussion this morning at Nexus HQ.  What exactly has the British Board of Film Classification got against women’s orgasms? Now imagine the outcry if male ejaculation was banned.  The act that’s often seen as the crescendo of any porn, ...


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