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  • With recent reports claiming that our libidos are on the decline, and sex seemingly playing second fiddle to Netflix, phones and social media, could you benefit from a good sex life sort-out? Studies have identified a significant downturn in rates of intimacy since 2001, with scientists suggesting that busy modern ...
  • Winkwink is a Nexus stockist who received media exposure in 2015 when they began advertising for sex toy testers. Founded in Denmark in 2013, Winkwink soon expanded into Sweden with with plans to expand into 4 other countries internationally. Winkwink received over 750 applicants for the sex toy tester position and ...
  • Prostate Pleasure explained For a lot of men, their only understanding of what the prostate is will be limited to cancer and jokes about awkward, uncomfortable visits to the doctor. Our prostate survey found that 4% of men have never even hear of their prostate and 16% had no idea ...


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