NEXUS Glide: Incendiaire

My lovely friends over at DIY Orgasms were running a contest recently to win a NEXUS Glide, courtesy of, and I just happened to be the winner. I felt that the least I could do to say thanks would be to review it and give their website a big shout out.
The Glide is one of a range of prostate massagers available from Nexus, who specialise in making male toys. It has a shape that's fairly traditional for this type of product, and that shares a number of design similarities with other brands such as Aneros. The Glide is one of Nexus's smaller and non-vibrating models, so I'd consider it to be aimed more at beginners. The body of the toy measures in at only 4" long, and with a circumference of 3 1/2" at the widest point, so it's unlikely intimidate anyone.


I have to say that the Glide is a bit of a mixed bag for me; it some ways it's exactly what I expected it to be, and in other ways it pleasantly surprised me. Once I found a technique for using it that suited me I got more pleasure out of it than I thought I would, but frankly the lack of consistency with which it delivers this, combined with some of the flaws I found in the design, discourage me from using it more. What it really comes down to is that I prefer something a bit bigger, a bit softer, and that vibrates so I have to do less of the work.

Read the full NEXUS Glide: Incendiaire review here.

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