NEXUS Revo 2

NEXUS Revo 2: SexToysBuzz


I have a lot of plastic cards in my wallet but only one of them is a Nexus Authenticity card telling me that the toy I picked up from the Nexus stand is a genuine NEXUS Revo 2. OK, so I’m not quite that anal, the card is in the box with the NEXUS Revo 2.

But you know what I'm saying. Nexus are proud of their new prostate stimulator; The question is will it impress me as much as they think it will?

If you are not already aware the Nexus Revo 2 is a prostate stimulator/massager that is designed specifically to be inserted into a man’s rectum to provide deep and intense stimulation during masturbation or sex. Externally all you see is a grey ABS plastic base with a matt silicone cover over the massaging anal probe. The probe itself is shaped to match the internal anatomy of a man making this thoroughly one for the boys. Externally the silicone extends over the top of the body and forms the peroneal stimulator, a series of raised bumps covering the powerful vibrator hidden inside the Nexus Revo 2.

What makes the Nexus Revo 2 different from all other vibrating prostate stimulators other than its predecessor is that it massages your prostate for you. Other similar toys depend on you moving to massage the prostate. Some vibrate and this can be very pleasant but the nearest experience you can have of the Nexus Revo 2 without buying one is to have your partner insert a lubed finger in your ass and massage your prostate.



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