NEXUS Douche

NEXUS Douche: Hellkat's Little Bit of Heaven

Overall I have got to say I'm extremely impressed with the nexus accessory range, nexus have made high quality products at a very reasonable price I'm certainly planning on stocking up on both the lube and wash, I absolutely love their stylish black packaging its discreet and has been done to a high standard and let’s face it I'm a sucker for a matching set

Created from high quality rubber and ABS plastic the NEXUS Douche provides a safe and effective way to keep anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring.

This high quality douche is simple and easy to use with a one-step insertion design making it not only highly effective offering maximum cleansing but does so while looking good, most douches i find look very unappealing nexus have brought anal cleaning to a new level by making this a sleek looking, easy-to-use product.


To fill the NEXUS Douche simply remove the black nozzle and fill the bulb with tepid water you can do this either by holding it under the tap or by squeezing the bulb and immersing it in water then releasing the bulb this will create a suction affect and draw water into the bulb itself. The nexus douche will hold 224 ml of water which is a good size for a douche, another reason I find it highly impressive.


Hellkat's Little Bit of Heaven.

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