NEXUS iStim: Ruffled Sheets


The NEXUS iStim has been an interesting toy.  It’s caused me to be frustrated and infuriated, but has also caused amazement and joy.


I don’t know why the bases of other electrosex toys are so poor. I really don’t.  But don’t take any chances.  Buy one of these.  It was so good to be able to use an anal toy, hook it up to the NEXUS iStim and relax, knowing it was never going to end badly.

NEXUS iStim Summary

Overall, in spite of the dodgy battery compartment, I’m really pleased with my iStim.  It’s powerful, easy to use and comes with the best anal attachment I’ve seen.  You can pick up the iStim kit I have here at Clonezone for £135 (which has free shipping to the UK, and they ship worldwide if you need it). However, for an extra £4.99 you can pick up a similar kit that includes the NEXUS iStim cock ring which is also here at Clonezone for £139.99. The cock ring would cost you £18 if you bought it separately.

Thanks so much Nexus for sending me this.  It’s been a blast!

Read full NEXUS iStim review here.

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