NEXUS Ace eroFame award winner

NEXUS Ace: Naughty Corner


Today, I shall be delving (or shall I say, this butt plug will be delving into dark depths) into the NEXUS Ace, an outstanding anal plug that delivers with every little tingle of it’s body.

I’m a sucker for a good sex toy, aren’t we all?

I have a select few product companies than I can praise until the cows come home, due to their constant releases of quality sex toys and I am happy to say that Nexus are in my top 5.

The Nexus Ace is a vibrating butt plug with a difference.  It has a wireless remote control but can also be operated by the base of this product.  This gives you the option to comfortably play solo, without having to move and fidget to get that perfect vibration or you can let your partner sit back and enjoy the fun of controlling your every little whim.


NEXUS Ace Summary

This is a product that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for something new to add to their toy collection!

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