Female Ejaculation 101

Last year’s porn ban on female ejaculation is the subject for discussion this morning at Nexus HQ.  What exactly has the British Board of Film Classification got against women’s orgasms?

Now imagine the outcry if male ejaculation was banned.  The act that’s often seen as the crescendo of any porn, the part where he asserts his male dominance.  The message they seem to be portraying is that women are only there for male sexual pleasure and are not allowed to experience it themselves.

Now we aren’t feminists here.  We make products for BOTH male and female G spot stimulation, but we know a double standard when we see one.

So, we've decided to clear up any myths and celebrate the art of female ejaculation; in your face BBFC.

Is female ejaculation real?

Now it may sound like a stupid question but I was actually asked this by an ex boyfriend.  I have since found out that it’s a common misconception among men and women that female ejaculation is something purely made up by the porn industry.

I guess, if you have never experienced it yourself or with a partner and only seen it happen during porn (in the good old days) then how are you supposed to know right?

The problem is, female ejaculation is not that easy to do.  It’s induced with G spot stimulation and if you’ve never discovered your G spot, you’re going to have problems.

Also, until the 90’s it was thought that female ejaculation was in fact due to incontinence and women would be given pelvic floor exercises to stop it happening.  This meant that the percentage of women that were able to experience female ejaculation kept it a secret.

Pee or not pee?

Now this is something that’s a hot topic and something that has not been fully confirmed due to the lack of research.

However, limited research has shown that the fluid secreted during female ejaculation is different from urine.  The colour and smell is different and it doesn’t stain bed clothes.  However, on analysing the fluid from different women it showed it did contain some urine but also prostate-specific androgen (PSA) originating from the Skene’s glands (the female prostate gland.)

Can every woman do it?

In theory yes, though some women may find it more difficult than others.

Female ejaculation happens when the G Spot is stimulated.  To enhance your chances, pressure needs to build on G spot, you can also use simultaneous clitoral stimulation.  This can be during intercourse, through foreplay or whilst using a G Spot toy.  The key to ejaculating is when pleasure is building, instead of pulling your muscles in, push out.  Now, this can feel uncomfortable because it can in fact feel like you are going to pee, but if you really want to master the art of ‘squirting’ you have to let go.

Mastering female ejaculation may take patience but once you learn, it’s something that can be enjoyed again and again.

Female EjaculationPractise makes perfect

If you want to practise on your own, you will need a G spot dildo or vibrator.  You can tell which are designed for G Spot stimulation as they have a curved shaft.

At Nexus, we designed a vibrator that is not only curved in shape, it has a vibrating clitoral stimulator and a moving stroker in the tip that puts pressure on and stimulates the G spot – giving you the best possible chance of ejaculating.

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