Nexus Anal Starter Kit

NEXUS Anal Starter Kit

When Nexus launched with its first prostate toy, Excel, the brand soon became synonymous with anal play. More toys launched specifically designed for prostate stimulation and though the feedback was positive, we often had people tell us that any kind of anal play scared them. With this in mind the Nexus Anal Starter Kit was born. With three different sized silicone anal toys, the user is able to start small and work their way up when they are ready. Alternatively, the plugs can be used to prepare for anal sex.

The most important thing for us as a brand was to make it as easy and appealing for people to entertain the thought of anal stimulation and therefore everything from the price point to the shape of the toy was considered.


We chose *silicone. Not only because it’s silky smooth, it’s non porous too which makes it perfect for anal play as no nasty germs can infiltrate the material. It’s also hypo allergenic for those that are sensitive and easy to clean; you can even put them in the dish washer! Our silicone also gives just the right amount of flexibility so the user is both stimulated and comfortable.

*Never use silicone lubricant with silicone toys


The shape of the plugs in the Anal Starter Kits have been designed to fit the curves of the body. The end is bulbous and round making penetration easy whilst the shaft curves nicely for comfort and the base is flat making it easy to wear.

a313900e-4a7d-4963-98f6-daddc1e7d395-mainDimensions and level:

Small 3 inches

Perfect for beginners. A great introduction to anal play.

Medium 3.5 inches

For beginners to intermediate. Shaped to take exploration a little deeper and stimulate the prostate in smaller men.

Large 4 inches

For the more experienced user to stimulate the anus and prostate.

Price £40

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