Healthy prostate massage

More sex, the secret to healthy prostate massage

According to a new report, men as young as 40 need to adopt a natural approach when it comes to preventing prostate problems.

The report, "Prostate Health… Sex, Lies and Misconceptions" has been released by natural health researcher Warren Matthews. It aims to educate men about the positive impact of increased sexual activity, prostate massage and dietary supplements when it comes to prostate issues.

Matthews says he is concerned with the “glossing over” of some of the serious side effects of drugs being prescribed for an enlarged prostate – a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - which may result in permanent sexual dysfunction, and wants to encourage people to use natural preventative measures before having to go the surgery and medication route when problems arise.

“There are thousands of men worldwide who have had unnecessary, invasive or non-surgical intervention for issues of the prostate, and are now having to deal with sexual dysfunction, incontinence, rectal bleeding and other serious or permanent side effects,” he says.  “These side effects can have a dramatic impact on a man’s sexual well being and self-esteem. It’s time for men to fight prostate cancer by understanding what clinically-proven natural alternatives are available, and practice prevention much earlier.”

The report covers key topics including the risk of misdiagnosis from digital prostate exam; drug therapy for treatment of enlarged prostate and associated risks of developing prostate cancer; natural remedies like prostate massage to reduce prostate issues and how research can help avoid severe medical issues.

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