Nexus Sparta; The very latest in prostate massage technology

We are super excited to introduce Nexus Sparta, our newest innovation designed for prostate pleasure.



Sparta is a completely unique sex toy with nothing like it currently existing in the market. It incorporates stroker stimulation technology in the tip that emulates the 'come hither' motion often used in manual prostate massage.

The shape of Sparta offers a really targetted massage. The slim shaft is easily insertable and has three small ridges at the base for stimulation to the entrance. Once positioned the user can enjoy a choice of 5 stroker settings easily controlled at the base.



Sparta is made from qulaity silicone that is non porous and hyper-allergenic. It has a large handle and push button at the base that makes it really easy to control; and you won't need any batteries with Sparta either as it's rechargeable and comes with its very own magnetic charger.  Also, if you like to have fun in the bath or shower,  you can as it's waterproof which also makes cleaning easy peasy.


RRP £70      *Waterproof      *Rechargeable     *Silicone     *Use with eater based lubricant

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