NEXUS Ace Large: Ruffled Sheets


NEXUS Ace Large is the best remote controlled butt plug I own. I normally don’t start reviews with sentences like that, but this one really deserves it. Not just for a one reason, either. There are a number of things that make this plug great and the sum of them all makes it exceptional.

For a start, it’s a fantastic plug on its own. Without the vibrations, without the remote control, without anything else, this would be a fun toy. The shape is great, for a start. It has a reasonably standard teardrop design with a nicely proportioned shaft and a comfortable base. Plug to shaft ratio is important. You don’t want it too little as it may fall out when you want to. You don’t want it too big either, as with big toys such as this, your muscles may contract and it will be too hard to pull out. With the Nexus Ace, the shaft is a reasonable size and it also has raised rings to prevent it increase grip & reduce the chance of it coming out when you don’t want it to. The silicone is also wonderful. It has the smooth feel I’ve enjoyed on Nexus toys since the Max5 I reviewed a few years ago. And lastly, I love the size. It’s hard to find large plugs that are a good shape, have a decent shaft & base and are made from body safe & (virtually) non-porous materials. This one ticks all those boxes. So, without anything else, this would be a butt plug I’d use on a regular basis anyway.

Read the full NEXUS Ace Large review here.


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