prostate massage ?

Anal - but I'm straight!

If I had a £1 for every time I heard that comment I'd be rich.

There’s something about the unknown, the vulnerability and the idea that prostate massage or any type of anal play is something that gay men do, that leaves straight guys more conflicted than a horny nun.

Nine times out of ten though (backed up by a recent survey we did) when you push the subject, most men are totally up for trying it, they just need their partner to make the first move.

Great sex lives come down to a few main ingredients; the most important two being chemistry and communication. When you can freely communicate your desires and your fears, you open up a whole world of possibility.

Reasons to try

It’s good for them. Stimulating the prostate keeps it healthy, meaning they're less likely to experience problems like *prostatis, Cancer and impotence.

They can enjoy amazing full body orgasms

Dont believe me, here are some quotes from men that have experienced it.

“It was a very deep and long orgasm, very intense”

“Like the most incredible release in the world”

“10 times more powerful than an ordinary orgasm”

My body convulsed and shook”

“Like an electric charge inside my brain”

So now you're both convinced, where do you start?

Prostate massage is a very intimate act. Some guys may feel more comfortable trying it alone first or some may prefer to try it with a partner.

If alone, the best way to play is with a prostate massager. There are many models available of various shapes and sizes, some with vibration and some without. I suggest starting small and working your way up. Maybe try the Nexus Anal Starter Kit which contains three non vibrating anal plugs. Alternatively try the Nexus Glide which is shaped perfectly for prostate massage and will also stimulate the perinium with it's stainless steel roller ball in the base.

Taking part in anal play with a partner is the ultimate act of trust. If game, the giver can use their finger by inserting, curling upwards and using a 'come hither' motion to massage the prostate. Alternatively, select a Nexus prostate massager together that you will both be comfortable using.

The anal area is not lubricated and too much force can cause a lot of pain. Whether you use a sex toy or a finger, be sure to use lots of lubricant and really communicate to ensure that things don’t go too fast. If you can pace yourselves and take your time, anal play can make you feel closer to a partner than ever before.

*If you think you may have an unhealthy prostate do not stimulate it, contact a doctor immediately.

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