Nexus Excel - Purple

Nexus Excel: The first born

And here is where it all began....

Back in 2005 when our founder decided he wanted to create a brand specifically for men, he drafted in an expert on prostate massage to create a prostate massager different from anything else in the market, Nexus Excel.

The design of Nexus Excel was created with ultimate pleasure in mind and brought stimulation of the prostate, perinium and anus together to create an anal sensation never experienced before.

The ergonomic shape of the shaft was designed to fit perfectly within the anal canal to give a really full feeling, whilst the precision tip pushes against the prostate to give a deep and  thorough massage.   The gate at the base was designed wide to  lock into the male form and a removeable silver roller ball added to the base so when it rolls against the perineum it delivers a delicious licking feeling.  The grip at the base curls round to enable the user to control with ease and a special tool was made to pop out the silver ball for cleaning.

Once the ultimate design was confirmed the perfect material had to be chosen.  The wish list contained words such as, strong, durable, hypo-allergenic, lube compatible, rigid and easy to clean; so when they discovered a material called polypropelene that was also lightweight and adjusted to body temperature they knew they had found the perfect material.

Nexus Excel launched the Nexus brand into the spotlight, inspired an entire range and continues to be one of the brands best selling prostate massagers.

Those looking to try prostate massage for the first time  should check out the entire first generation range of Nexus prostate massagers to find which one is right for them.

Choose from, Nexus Excel, Nexus Glide, Nexus Neo, Nexus Titus or Nexus Vibro.


















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