The first generation of prostate toys

The first generation of prostate toys

 That’s the name we give to our range of original prostate massages, Excel, Glide, Neo, Titus and Vibro.

It’s where Nexus began and collectively gives you the perfect selection of prostate massagers to choose from.

Each is made from polypropylene, a durable, hypo-allergenic material that’s firm to the touch and perfect for pushing against the prostate capsule for a really thorough massage; each has a stainless steel roller ball for tantalising perineum stimulation;  and each has a unique shape designed to cater for your specific needs.

For a low down on each model and to decide which one is right for you, we've created a quick guide.


Nexus GlideExplore

A great introduction to prostate massage.  The slim and tightly angled shaft enables the user to explore comfortably and effectively.

Glide is also the cheapest prostate massager in the range making it popular with those new to prostate massage.

Length: 11.5cms

The first generation of prostate toys: Glide

Experience the smooth sensations of Glide


Nexus Excel - Fulfil

Excel has a wide girth, perfect for the more experienced user.  When it first launched it was recognised as a real breakthrough in prostate massagers and received Best Design at the Brussels Erotica Awards.

Delivering a real full feeling, it can deliver delicious sensations and push the user to new heights.

Length: 10cms

The first generation of prostate toys: NEXUS Excel Purple

For a fuller feeling try Excel

Nexus Neo - Advance

Neo has a longer shaft and less of an angle perfect for taller men or those more confident in prostate massage.  The arm at the base is also longer to reach the perineum from whichever angle you choose with its stainless steel roller ball ready to deliver delicious licking sensations.

Length: 13.5cms

The first generation of prostate toys: NEXUS Neo

Neo, for the those wanting to advance


Nexus Titus - Stimulate

For the next level of prostate massage try Titus.  It has small ridges all over the shaft for extra stimulation on insertion and during massage and a pebble shaped head which is perfect for precision and firm prostate massage.

Length: 10cms

The first generation of prostate toys: Nexus Titus

Stimulate your senses with Titus


Nexus Vibro - Intensify

Vibro is perfect for those wanting a truly intense experience.

It combines the ridges and pebble shaped tip of the Titus with strong vibration delivered by a removable stainless steel bullet all the way through the shaft.

Choose from 5 intensity settings all controlled by the button at the base of the bullet.  Take it to the bath or shower too because it’s also waterproof.

Vibro is effectively three toys in one.

Length: 10cms

The first generation of prostate toys: Nexus Vibro

Intensify youre experience with Vibro




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