Remote Control in Sex Toy Play

Now you can focus purely on the pleasure in hand, with remote control sex toys from Nexus.  Enjoy the Revo Stealth Prostate Massager and three sizes of Nexus Ace Vibrating Butt Plugs with ease.

Most fundamentally, remote control brings an element of functionality and simplicity to sex toys. This is particularly the case during anal play. No more reaching awkwardly around, fiddling with lubed up buttons to cycle through settings. With remote control you can relax and easily cycle through the different patterns and vibration speeds and focus on the intense sensations.

Far more than that, remote control really has the capacity to spice up a couple's sex life. Using remote control, you can bring in elements of power play, exhibitionism and much more. Hand over control of the remote control to your partner and surrender yourself to them. Allow them to control your pleasure; tease you, deny you, or perhaps push your limits, ramping up the intensity. Or switch it up and take control yourself. Agree a safeword and then bring in some restraints and apply a blindfold so that your partner is completely under your control, their other senses heightened.

You can control the Ace Vibrating Butt Plug and the Revo Stealth Prostate Massager from up to 8 metres away, opening up a huge range of possibilities. The Ace's vibrations are very quiet, making it perfect for taking your play out of the bedroom. Use the toy discreetly in public and enjoy the powerful vibrations with those around you completely unaware. Hand over control to your partner to enjoy the thrill of not knowing when those vibrations may come, or how they might change, trying not to give away what you are experiencing to those around you.

It is even possible to pair multiple toys with just one remote, adding a whole new world of kinky options to explore.

All four remote controls toys in the Nexus range are fully rechargeable, containing powerful motors and made of the highest quality silicone. Explore the full range at today.

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