How long does your sex last?

A new study has revealed how long British people are having sex for on average.

We all discuss our sex lives with our friends and it is not uncommon to boast and lie slightly to try and impress. If we are honest, we all at times suffer anxiety about our sexual performance and how we stack up against others.

This can be about the amount of sex we are having, how often we give our partners orgasms and for men in particular, how long the sex lasts. Whether it’s in movies, TV shows, or in porn, we are constantly told that men who are great lovers have great stamina and that mind blowing sex is sex that lasts a long time. But how long on average are we actually having sex for?

A recent study found that the average British sex session lasts 19 minutes. That breaks down to 10 minutes of foreplay and 9 minutes of intercourse. The study dispels the myth that sex must be a marathon session in order to be good, with over half the people surveyed expressing that they were happy with how long their sex typically lasts.

Interestingly, men were more likely to be dissatisfied with how long their sex lasts than women. This hints that men are perhaps too anxious about their own performance and ability to last a long time.

Around a quarter of people did admit that they would prefer sex to last for at least half an hour, but two thirds stated they like it to last at least 15 minutes – below the UK average. We all leave busy lives and the survey reflected that, with couple saying that sex is a ‘quickie’ 21% of the time.

The survey should alleviate some concerns for couples that their sex doesn’t last long enough. If it’s enjoyable and fun for both of you, it really doesn’t matter how long sex lasts. If you are dissatisfied with how long your sex lasts, try focusing on increasing the length of foreplay and focusing on shared orgasms.

Three-quarters of men orgasm almost every time they have sex, versus just 28% of women. This stresses how important that foreplay time is, with women much less likely to orgasm through penetrative sex, men should worry less about how long they last and more about whether they are pleasuring their partner in the right ways.

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