Power to the prostate!

Prostate Pleasure explained

For a lot of men, their only understanding of what the prostate is will be limited to cancer and jokes about awkward, uncomfortable visits to the doctor. Our prostate survey found that 4% of men have never even hear of their prostate and 16% had no idea where it is located! Knowledge of prostate cancer is of course very important. The disease effects over 30,000 men a year and those doctor visits can be lifesaving and aren’t anything like how they are portrayed in popular culture.

There is lot more to the prostate than health concerns though. The walnut size gland that contributes to the creation of semen and its expulsion during ejaculation. The prostate is also an erogenous zone. Many would argue the most intense source of pleasure a man has. Found inside the rectum, stimulation of the prostate can lead to intense pleasure. It is even possible for some men to achieve orgasm through stimulation of the prostate gland alone. This is called prostate massage.

Any form of anal play in sex can be scary, with concerns about pain or discomfort and for straight men in particular can a taboo subject. However, done correctly, anal play should be painless and with more and more men of all sexualities exploring anal play, the taboo is fading. Our prostate survey found that 78% of men had already tried prostate massage with only 2% stating that it was something they would definitely not do.

The easiest way to explore prostate massage is to insert a lubed finger into the anus and us a ‘come hither motion’. Discovering the prostate and learning how pleasurable it can be can require patience. The prostate isn’t referred to as the male G-Spot for nothing though. Once achieved, prostate orgasms have been described as the most intense ever had. Prostate massage can be combined with stimulating the penis for bigger, better orgasms, or, orgasm can even be achieved by stimulating the prostate on its own. In this way, it is even possible to experience multiple, full body dry orgasms!

Prostate pleasure can be experience digitally or through receptive anal sex, but one of the best ways to explore prostate pleasure is using a prostate massager. Nexus specialise in luxury prostate massagers that are specially designed and shaped to directly stimulate the prostate. Nexus sell a wide range of prostate massagers, from basic manual massagers for beginners through to the best-selling range of Revos. The unique Revos combine an innovative rotating shaft with a perineum vibrator for dual stimulation and the ultimate in prostate pleasure. Choose from the Revo 2, remote-control Stealth or the angled shaft of the Intense.

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To help fight prostate cancer donate to http://prostatecanceruk.org/.

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