Talking all things Nexus with a sex toy tester

Winkwink is a Nexus stockist who received media exposure in 2015 when they began advertising for sex toy testers. Founded in Denmark in 2013, Winkwink soon expanded into Sweden with with plans to expand into 4 other countries internationally. Winkwink received over 750 applicants for the sex toy tester position and have worked with more than 20 testers in the past 2 years. Winkwink believe that sex toy testers are a great asset to the business and “bring a fun and different way to describing and presenting products to our customers.”

One of those testers Mille answered some questions for Nexus about being a sex toy tester and Nexus as a brand.


How did you become a sex toy tester and how long have you been doing it?

I have always been very curious about sexuality and the entire “world” existing around sex itself. I researched and read a lot, and simply experimented with my partner over the years, putting what I would have read about into practice, whether it was with or without sex-toys.

As soon as I found out about Winkwink’s job offer and the possibility to become a sex toy tester, I applied right away. I did not have any prior education or background as a tester when I started writing about sex toys, but I had reviewed other types of products earlier and already enjoyed writing short novels.

It has now been 2 years since I have started cooperating with Winkwink and have now learned a great deal about different types of products and the erotic world in general. I now own over 100 different sex toys and am excited to see my collection grow even bigger.


What do you most enjoy about working for Winkwink?

The main thing is to get to test various adult toys, the open-mindedness and the whole discovery involved in getting a new toy. It’s a little like Christmas each time a surprise arrives at my door.

I am also pretty fund of story-telling and love writing reviews that can be useful to others who may be in doubt about the product’s usability, functions, etc.


What do you look for in a good sex toy? What are the most important aspects?

It simply depends from toy to toy and on the different goals achievable with each (even though they can be pretty endless with a little bit of imagination). It also depends on the mood I am in at the given moment when using the toy - whether it is to experiment (alone or together with my partner), try something new or simply to stimulate given areas I am familiar with. All in all, I am always after quality products offering new sensations, as I am always curious and eager to know my body/myself better as well as my partner’s. By quality, I mean both in terms of the product’s material as well as its capacity, vibrating functions, etc.


What is your favourite Nexus toy?

Definitely the Nexus Ace buttplug. It is a little bit of a twist compared to most basic anal toys, all in its look and aesthetic, operability, fun aspects and quality. In one word; I would describe it as: edgy.


What features do you most enjoy of that toy?

Definitely its wireless remote allowing kinky and fun couple play. The set of vibration modes and pulsations are also very enjoyable when it comes to anal sex compared to the vibration patterns I would be looking for when using a clitoral or vaginal toy – the stimulation, feeling and effects being different. I have been positively surprised how easily one can reach climax with this little beauty. It is also a rather safe but powerful choice for anal beginners if we are talking about the small size.


What makes Nexus different to other toy brands?

Nexus is to me a solid brand with an image reflected in the amazing quality and somewhat high, but justified price range of its products. Most toys in the assortment are black, and thus, I am also a big fan of their fetish look. The quality of the toys is one to be reckoned with. A good brand, definitely at the top of its class.


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