Eat your way to prostate health

With Stephen Fry’s announcement that he has prostate cancer, prostate health is in the spotlight now more than ever.  With a third of men over 50 experiencing symptoms of prostate enlargement, it’s important we learn what’s need to look after this important gland.

At Nexus we promote prostate massage to help keep a healthy prostate in tip top condition, however, there is another simple way to take care of it.  The saying is, we are what we eat and that applies to prostate health also.  Some foods contain nutrients that can help prevent and even shrink an enlarged prostate, so incorporating them into your everyday diet is key.

First and foremost ditch the processed foods.  A wholesome balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains, fish and olive oil will help to reduce the risk of developing prostate issues.  Red meats and confectionary along with processed foods are on the no list.

The best foods for prostate health include:

Oily fish

Fish that is brimming with omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and sardines can protect against a number of cancers studies have shown.  In fact research says that men that eat oily fish regularly are two to three times less likely to develop prostate cancer than men that don’t.


Tomatoes are believed to protect against prostate cancer due to being rich in phytochemical pigment lycopene. One study showed that if you eat more than 10 portions of tomatoes a week it will reduce the risk by 20%.

Cruciferous Vegetables

This includes, broccoli, cabbage and Kale.  These veggies are bursting with sulforaphane which is an organic compound with potent anti-cancer properties.


The say the prostate looks like a walnut so it’s fitting that this nut in particular reduces the hormone in the body associated with prostate cancer.  The consumption of any nuts is encouraged though as eating five or more portions a week means a cancer patient is up to 34% less likely to die from the disease.

Red Peppers

An excellent source of vitamin C and like the tomato, lycopene.  Research shows diets in both are associated with a lower risk of prostate enlargement.

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