The Nexus Revo range just got better!


At Nexus, we pride ourselves on providing  a range that tends to most when it comes to prostate play; so when we hear a recurring request, we know we’re missing something and there’s a gap that needs filling (excuse the pun).



Our Revo range of rotating prostate massagers consists of our best-selling toys but we kept getting requests for something ‘smaller.’  Turns out we were wrong in our assumption that the people wanting a technologically advanced toy in the higher price bracket must be an experienced user.  In fact, we learnt that once some men are sold on prostate massage, they’re happy to invest in the best.  It's this that  set us on the journey of creating Revo Slim. 


All of the Revo’s in the range are famous for their rotating shaft that firmly massages the prostate; with Slim, not only is the shaft slimmer, it rates both ways!  The user can also enjoy 7 different stimulation settings from the perineum vibrator on the base; meaning 35 different combinations of dual prostate and perineum stimulation!



Revo Slim also comes with a slimline remote control meaning it’s great to use alone or with a partner.  Simply choose whether to control from the toy or with the remote which can be used from up to 8 metres away.

Unlike the other Revo models, Revo Slim is waterproof meaning you can also take your play to the bath or shower.

All in all we’re pretty proud of our latest Revo and hope it satisfies all those that have asked for it!

Other models in the Revo Range are, Revo 2, Revo Intense and Revo Stealth.

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