G Stroker our latest stimulation innovation!

We’ve learnt at Nexus that sometimes the best ideas come from taking an existing product and simply adding or changing something. You’ll see this throughout our range.

Our 1st generation product massagers are different shapes to cater to different preferences and body shapes; the Revo range offers different forms and functions and our G Rider and Ridge Rider use the same basic shape but one has ridges for extra stimulation. It’s this shape that works particularly well as a unisex toy, vaginal or anal use, and it’s this shape we used to create the latest in our range, the G Stroker.

A natural evolution, G Stroker features the same 6 vibration functions in the base that are so effective at delivering stimulation to the perineum and clitoris when used by a female. What differs in G Stroker and what makes it truly innovative is the tiny 3 speed stimulation beads hidden under the soft silicone at the base of the shaft that dance up and down. These beads are positioned specially to pleasure the sensitive entrance to your body and stimulate the clusters of nerves that lie close to the surface for an all-new pleasure sensation that simulates the feeling of thrusting. Combine them with the choice of vibration patterns in the perineum stimulator and enjoy up to 27 possible combinations of pleasure never felt before!

Like our Revo and Ace ranges, the G-stroker comes with a remote control, making it great for playing with a partner or easy to use when solo. The remote has a power button activating and deactivating the toy once it’s been turned on, and a button for controlling the vibration settings and beads respectively. To properly turn the toy off once you’re finished playing, be sure to turn it off by holding down the button on the toy for 1.5 seconds.
When the G Stroker is running low on charge, the power light will flicker green to indicate that it needs charging. Charging is simple, using a USB charger you can charge through your PC, laptop or using a USB compatible plug. Simply plug in and connect the charger to magnetic points on the underside of the toy. We recommend leaving your toy to charge overnight for its first charge, but 2.5 hours should suffice for a full 3.5hour play session.

Fully waterproof at IPX7 classification, the G-stroker can be submerged in water of up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes, making it a great toy to take into the bath or shower.

We’re extremely proud of this latest addition to our range and hope you enjoy out latest stimulation innovation!


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