Spring Clean your Sex Life!

With recent reports claiming that our libidos are on the decline, and sex seemingly playing second fiddle to Netflix, phones and social media, could you benefit from a good sex life sort-out?

Studies have identified a significant downturn in rates of intimacy since 2001, with scientists suggesting that busy modern lives within the digital age are to blame.  With constant cyber-based distractions vying for our attention, along with the usual trials and tribulations of daily life, it’s no wonder our sex lives are taking a bit of a dwindle.

With the imminent summer season hotting things up, it’s an excellent time to give your love life a bit of spruce-up.  Here we share our top tips for injecting a little spice into your routine and helping you get back in the bedroom saddle. 

Dedicate a date night

Not only can date nights provide much needed quality relaxation time, they are also a prime opportunity to get a little bit creative.  We’re hardwired to crave variety, surprise and adventure, so a little branching out from the usual dinner-and-a-movie routine, such as ‘strangers meeting in a bar’role-play, can go a long way. 

Set aside time for sex

Why is it important to keep sex regular?  Sex triggers the production of oxytocin, often referred to as the ‘love hormone’.  Just before orgasm, a surge of oxytocin is released from the brain, along with endorphins; our feel-good, pain-killing hormones.  Not only does oxytocin increase your libido, meaning the more sex you have the more you want, it can also play a key role in emotional bonding between partners.

Whilst scheduling in a sex session may seem hideously un-sexy and non-spontaneous, it can actually help to build anticipation and arousal – get creative with outfits, locations, positions… the possibilities are endless.

Boost your boudoir

Invest in some silky new sheets, dim the lights, spark up some scented candles… creating a sensual atmosphere in the bedroom provides the perfect platform for partner playtime.

Discuss your desires

Sharing your secret fantasies and turn-ons with each other can really help to shake up your sex-life and encourage closeness and intimacy.  Try writing down three things that you’d love to try, and then swap them with your partner for an instant ‘to-do list’ to start exploring.

Send each other surprises

Order a suggestive treat such as naughty underwear or some edible body paint and have it special-delivered to your partner’s office as a cheeky surprise… just be sure to have them model it for you when you both get home.

Try using sex toys

Adding in sex toys can be an ideal way to help increase desire and sexual satisfaction between you and your partner.  They can enhance foreplay and aid the exploration of those all-important erogenous zones, as well as encouraging communication and intimacy.

Our Nexus Ace butt plugs and the Max 20 intimate massager are unisex toys which are perfect for couple’s play.  The Ace comes in 3 different sizes (S, M & L) and fits comfortably inside underwear, making it perfect for playtime both in and out of the bedroom.  The Max 20 is ideal for both G-spot and P-sot play, and also comes with a removable 20-speed vibrating bullet for plenty of buzzy versatility.  Both toys are remote controllable, perfect for playful exploration, and are also waterproof, so you can take your playtime from bedroom to bathroom and everywhere in between. 

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