Nexus has 'Sex with Topher' : Introducing the Sex Positive Education Podcast

Topher Taylor is an award-winning sex educator and more importantly a huge Nexus advocate.  As well as a credible source of knowledge, Topher has been instrumental in fine-tuning some of our toys before launch, ensuring a premium and effective product is released.

This year he has been working on his new baby, a no holds barred podcast called ‘Sex with Topher,’ which offers honest, unfiltered sex advice, interviews with those in the sex industry and a deep dive into the life of Topher Taylor and his sexual exploits.

The first episode was released this month, and to celebrate, we have cornered Topher to find out what’s important to him and which Nexus toy he likes the best.

So, Topher, we’ve worked with you for a long time and are particularly excited about the launch of your new sex-positive podcast, Sex with Topher. Tell us what it’s about?

Hi Nexus! Thanks for the toys over the years and a special thanks for sponsoring my debut episode, I appreciate it. I had fun recording your advert and miraculously did it in one take! Which I guess proves how comfortable I am discussing the brand.

The podcast is a sex-positive vehicle to discuss the nitty-gritty side of sexuality in a non-pretentious and comfortable environment. I will be addressing confidence, performance, endurance and ultimately comfort with sex and all aspects of sexuality. I know that sounds like jargon but you’ll understand when you tune in. I’m very proud of my first episode, as I attack sexual confidence immediately. I like to hit the ground running.

Why is sex positivity important to you and where do sex toys come into the mix?

It’s important to me as I’ve been talking to people about their intimate likes, dislikes and curiosities for over a decade now. 12 years to be exact. Through experience I’ve witnessed people open up and gradually ‘admit’ to themselves that they’re deserving of sexual pleasure without shame. It’s shocking just how many people are embarrassed of their likes and dislikes. Life is far too short to be restricting something as simple as good sex and orgasms.

Sex toys come into the mix because they help you discover things about yourself, anatomically. The right spots to target, where you like pressure, how much you can take, how deep, etc. They’re also great for helping develop intimacy when you’re with someone. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, let your partner use a toy on you, keep eye contact with them – then you’ll see. Sex toys, ultimately, help you develop confidence in your own sexuality and performance. They’re also a great way to gauge your limits.

What Nexus sex toy would you recommend and why?

It’s a tough one and always is going to be a tough one as you produce the goods on the regular but my favourite sex toy of ‘all-time’ is the Nexus Revo INTENSE. I think I helped name it if I remember correctly? I like how it locks into place and delivers a direct massage. I don’t need to move around; I can just lay back and let it do all the work for me. But I am talking solo play here.

If I was talking to a couple, group, etc: The Nexus ACE Butt Plug. Always. Give your partner the remote control and let them take charge. Plus, you can select between small, medium, and large dependent on your experience level. Personally, I’m a small or medium kinda guy.

When’s the prostate massage episode coming?

I’ll definitely be doing a focus on prostate massage but it’ll be within my episode dedicated to introducing yourself to anal, which will be coming during Summer 2020. The podcast is very much focused on beginners at the moment, so I won’t be delving into the details of P-Spot massage straight away. Perhaps on a bumper episode. I’m hoping the audience will grow with me, so I’ll be getting more complex as it goes on. Though I’ll always make sure beginners aren’t alienated.

What guests have you got lined up?

Well, I launched with Rebecca More (a.k.a More Milf or the ‘Cock Destroyer’) for episode one and we talked about her introduction into sex work, how her kids find her porn career, what sex means to her and her rise to internet stardom. I really enjoyed the chat and you can hear that in the episode.

Coming up I have some really exciting, sex and body positive guests, with which I’ll be discussing their relationships with sex and sexuality. I want listeners to hear a wide spectrum of thoughts and experiences, and ultimately help them to identify with these fabulous adult workers who opened my mind during my formative years.

Where can we listen to ‘Sex with Topher’ and is it discreet?

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud etc. etc. Just search ‘Sex with Topher’ on your platform of choice and this blonde should be there somewhere. If you need help accessing the episodes, email me: and I’ll help ya. And yes, it’s discreet. Just pop your headphones in and listen to me chat away.

or search 'Sex with Topher' on your podcast streaming platform of choice.

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