Temperature play - the highs and the lows

The cold bite of an ice cube on your sensitive bits to the warm drip of a massage candle.

Adding different temperatures to deliver varied senstations into your sex play could keep you on the edge of orgasm or make you explode with pleasure.

Each sensation causes a reaction to our bodies that can really spice things up in the bedroom.

When we created Fortis, we created the ideal product for temperature play.

Fortis is a waterproof 6 speed vibrator made from sleek, firm, aluminium.

To heat it simply run under hot water until warm, or to chill it, run under cold.

Fortis has a handle so you or your partner are fully in control. It's curved shaft makes it perfect for prostate or G Spot play, or for simply running over the body to deliver a tantalising massage.

There are 6 vibrating speeds to choose from: slow, medium and fast, slow and fast pulse and escalating.

Temperature play along with vibration and the firm, smooth effect aluminum has on the skin will allow you to fully explore your senses.

As the only metal vibrator on the market, we recommend adding Fortis to your bottom drawer for a plethora of new sensations!

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