It's hot, but are you?

When the weather is scorching like today, we may well want to get naked, but not for the usual reasons.

Functioning normally can be difficult, so do we really want to heat things up more with some sexy bedroom antics, or is all we really want is a bed to ourselves?

If you don’t want to ban your partner from your bed and still have the urge, there are some ways you can keep things cool whilst heating things up.

A cold shower is supposed to suppress sexual desires but not if you bring your partner with you. The contrast of temperatures can be really stimulating.  Especially good for dealing with what could be a sweaty session! Adding a sex toy like Fortis or Ferro can really make things fun!

Get the ice cubes out.  Not for your drinks, for foreplay! Running ice cubes over your partner’s body will feel amazing on many levels.  Not only will it cool them down, the sensation of the ice will stimulate their nerve endings.

Say no!  Sometimes abstaining from sex can be really sexy.  Tell them what they can do to you once the weather is cooler and let the sexual tension build.

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