My 1st Experience with the Nexux Sparta.

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    I had been using a butt plug for a atarter while trying to experience the pleasures of Prostate message, and trying to reach an Anal or Prostate
    Orgasm. While in a relaxed and “Hot” feeling situation using the butt plug was nice and the sensations were good but not really enough to bring-on
    what i was wanting to experience -which i believe is called the SUPER O. I was finding that having a Wet Orgasm with the butt plug was quite intense,but almost on par with the ordinary Male Orgasm. While i was visiting my Local Sex Shop the assistant advised that i should try the Nexus Sparta. He had a demo model on display, and i somewhat found it hard (pun intended) to believe in the way this messager worked. It looked a well designed and very safe product. I left the store with my new Nexus Sparta.
    I find it very relaxing that before i engage in a prostate message session that it helps to take a warm shower and to put it bluntly.. take a dump.
    followed by a warm douching. The Sparta is quite a large plug, but i found using plenty of water base lube and relaxing on my side, and by gently
    raising my knees towards my chest and taking a deep breath the device was insertable. At first it felt tight and it made me do a re-adjust of my lying position. After a few minutes the device felt so good and so snug fitting inside my anus. It really felt comfortable. I started to feel little hot flashes of pleasure that brought on some moaning. Needless to say a very hard erection quickly followed. I had never obtained a sudden
    hard-on when using the butt plug so this was a bonus! I suppose in this very enjoyable condition i could have easily jacked-off to orgasm, but i
    resisted! I just lay there and savoured the pleasure. It felt soo good with the Sparta inside me and at this stage i was doing nothing -the motor
    was not switched on- and yet where ever the Sparta had landed (in static mode) was pushing all the right buttons! This really felt good. There was
    sharp pulses of pleasure that was taking my breath away..involuntary… Ooo.. I was enjoying the ride, and then there came a change. For some strange reason my body started to shake, mostly my legs were trembling. It was weird. The erection had subsided but the pleasure was still going strong. The trembling continued, and it appered that this was causing the Sparta to fluctuate in my anus.. again totally involuntary -as was my moaning.. I could not stop the trembling, but i did’nt want too coz it felt soo good. There was no doubt in my mind that Sparta was fully in
    control! I lay there kinda gasping for breath as i could feel deep inside me a “build-up” of pleasure that i had never experienced before, mostly centered around my anus. These pleasures were building..then stop…then go again, but as they were building the intensity was increasing. I was biting into the pillow with estacy and could not avoid moaning. Bliss reigned supreme.. So could this get any better? In my erotic state i reached
    down on the Sparta and press the motor switch.. just 1st setting.. I noticed some seepage from my penis, but that was the last thing on my mind. i was now englufed in pleasure that was coming almost to screaming point, and at the same time was crunching up my face! Suddenly everything was building to “Blow point” in my anus..? this quickly spread from here right thru my whole body, for a while i felt i was going to sufficate..This
    ORGASM (for want of a better work) just totally exploded inside of me and took me out of it compleatly for what appeared to be away from my body!
    I was trying to get control, englufed with the HOTTEST orgasm i had ever experienced – when out of the blue ANOTHER one hit me.. Fook.. its as well there was no-one in the house at the time coz i screamed for mercy but Sparta was’nt letting up.. After the 2nd ORGASM subsided i switched off the Sparta and lay there in total estacy. Man it was indescriable.. I felt soo good after this. Sparta you are KING.. I LOVE you..
    (to be continued) without doubt…..

    I fully recommend this product..

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